We make a line of Ankle Bracelets that include 18 different  designs and come in 2 sizes.   Every season we unveil exciting new designs. Some Ankle Bracelets are made with AB Beads. This stands for Aurora Borealis. We'll be happy to explain. Come see them all!  

And, new for 2024 - we'll be surprsing you with 3 addtional new colors sometime mid-season. 

Brand new colors for 2024!! - Stay turned for 3 more to come..........

Reds - AB

Coral - AB

Our version of - Tie Dyed

Coming Soon.......

It's a big surprise.....

Sorry, you'll just have to wait!

Exciting news!!

The 3 new colors will be unveiled at the.........

Sayville Summerfest!

Come check them out.

Here are a some of the many possible color combinations. Pick and choose your favorite colors.

Dark Rainbow  & Blue

Blues & Gray

Mint Green & Blueberry

LIght Rainbow & Pineapple

Raspberry & Pinks

Champagne & Mint Green

White.......... goes with everyting